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Take A Close Look At Neighborhoods When Locating Apartments in Austin TX

Just wait until you begin to discover the unique apartments in Austin TX that are waiting for you out there. Austin is the capital of Texas and one of the state’s largest cities, so you need to be organized when it comes to your search. You can use search filters to stay organized when looking at apartments in the city, but why not handle your search a little differently? You can find the best neighborhoods, and then you can start using those search filters.

That sounds like it would be a much better way to narrow down the listings when it comes to the apartments in Austin TX. If you think getting to know the neighborhoods first sounds difficult, well just wait to see how you feel once I tell you about some of the great neighborhoods in Austin.

Let’s look at Rosedale. Rosedale is home to about 7300 people, and almost half of them are renters. Knowing that this is a top neighborhood in Austin that features plenty of apartments, you could start looking into the neighborhood further to see if you would like to call it home. You will know when you find the right neighborhood, just like you know when you find the right apartment.

You can expect to pay rent around $1400 a month on average in Rosedale, but you can surely find a place that comes in under the bar as well. The median rent in Allandale is just over $1000, and about twice as many people live there. Renters make up about 38 percent of the population, and that number still means that you will find plenty of places for rent.

These types of statistics introduce you to the best neighborhoods in Austin, but it’s up to you to get to know them better. The great neighborhood of Windsor Road might be your best bet, but you can expect the median rent to be a little higher. As a matter of fact, it is above $1700 a month. This urban neighborhood is about 50/50 when it comes to renters and property owners. It ranks 2nd in terms of the safest neighborhoods in Austin, and that is definitely important.

Have you heard of the neighborhood of Hyde Park? It is a popular place in Austin to live, as is the neighborhood of Hancock. You will find cheaper places to rent in Hancock in comparison to some of the other top Austin neighborhoods, as the median rent is right at the $1100 mark. You are also likely to find plenty of available properties, as the renters make up 70 percent of the neighborhood’s population.

Have you noticed that the median rent is cheaper when there are more renters than owners in a neighborhood? That almost seems like it is a reversal of supply and demand, but it makes sense though if you think about it. Keep that in mind as you browse Austin neighborhoods and begin your important search for the best apartment for you to rent.

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