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50 Years Later, Fair Housing is Under Attack at the Local, State and Federal Levels

On the 50th anniversary of the Fair Housing Act this week, the landmark law’s promises to dismantle housing segregation remain unfulfilled and, worse, are under attack by the Trump administration, which has showcased repeatedly its hostility towards opening up housing opportunities for persons of color. Amidst all this, according to a new report, home ownership […]

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Low Income Apartments for Rent

Take A Close Look At Neighborhoods When Locating Apartments in Austin TX

Just wait until you begin to discover the unique apartments in Austin TX that are waiting for you out there. Austin is the capital of Texas and one of the state’s largest cities, so you need to be organized when it comes to your search. You can use search filters to stay organized when looking at apartments in the city, but why not handle your search a little differently? You can find the best neighborhoods, and then you can start using those search filters.

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BWW Review: ARIADNE AUF NAXOS Wrangles a Dynamic Operatic Experience at The Long Center in Austin, TX

With the history of ARIADNE AUF NAXOS as rich and complicated as the melodrama within itself, the reinvention presented by the Austin Opera this season is reminiscent of this Opera’s rich history and beginnings. Premiering initially in 1912, Richard Strauss conceived a performance mixing the comedic style of Moliere’ with the musically focused German-style melodrama […]

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